Toni Visone


Toni found her passion for yoga while traveling in Costa Rica with her family and from that trip on has never looked back. Toni has been practicing for the past 12 years and no matter where life takes her, she always comes back to the practice of yoga. “Yoga has been there for me in tough times, yoga holds my hand when I need it, yoga inspires me, yoga makes me feel alive, and most importantly yoga makes me dig deep to find who I am naturally meant to be.”

Throughout her time in law school Toni used the practice of yoga as an escape from the stresses of studying and preparing for exams. By teaching yoga to others Toni hopes to share her healing spirit and energy  so that she can provide a safe place for people to come when they just need to “come back to themselves” again.

Her classes are filled with a delightful mix of healing energy, spirituality, flow, and breath. 


Jacqueline Moran


Jacqueline is a Yoga teacher, mother, health ambassador, human rights activist, forever student and life lover. With a background in dance and competitative cheerleading Jacqueline was naturally drawn towards the practice and creative movement of Yoga. 

Life hit hard for a period of time, and Jacqueline found her self searching for something more, something real. Wanting to deepen her own practice and knowledge as well as nourish her spirit and soul Jacqueline became a Registered YogaTeacher with The Yoga Alliance at Kripalu affiliate Discovery Yoga in 2010. Working to always expand her mind Jacqueline is also a holistic psychology student, which she believes help her to better understand and connect with her students and with herself. 

Jacqueline's work as a certified yoga-instructor is rooted in a holistic approach,  realizing that each client’s body and lifestyle is different. Through the study of the body, mind and spirit Jacqueline assists others in improving their general wellness through healthy lifestyle habits, practices and information.  A person’s diet, work environment, exercise routines and past are all taken into consideration - Each client is treated as an individual and will achieve overall balance, health and beauty naturally and organically. Wanting her clients to realize their full potential she strives to make a connection, dig deep and ignite the passion within.